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Featured Work Additional Work Job Series Paul Series

Made of wood, paint, and mixed media, many of these sculptures are suggestive of musical instruments. They express themes of joy, praise, music, song, and dance.

The shape and size of each was determined by the nuances of the wood from which it began.

This work features a sampling of paintings completed in the last several years.

Some are vase-like; others mindful of contemporary flowers. Some feature shaped canvas and mixed media.

This series of 10 paintings was inspired by the Old Testament character, Job.

It reflects many of the circumstances and emotions experienced by Job, including wealth and well-being, pain, loneliness, despair, and renewal.

The Paul series is comprised of 12 paintings capturing themes from the writings of Paul the Apostle.

They include reference to sailing and weaving, and reflect Paul's joy, peace, and inner strength.